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About Joietouch

Joie Touch is a leading learning and development company that enables students to master their skills with the best blend of LIVE learning sessions and activities. JoieTouch is founded by education enthusiasts who have been in the domain of education for more than 15 years, having taught over 20,000 students.

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As catalysts for enhancing performance, our team aims at refurbishing knowledge at every level of learning. Virtual tutoring helps students to practise, learn and play with the integration of technology. We provide live teaching sessions, worksheets, videos and recorded lectures that are 24X7 available for the kid to learn and revise at his convenience. Our fun to do activities and videos provide students with an accurate sense of learning with imagination.

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Our teachers are not teachers by chance but teachers by choice. Our teachers are subject matter experts that work with a passion to help students learn concepts by drawing connections with real life. They strive to facilitate real-life learning by engaging students in experiments, interactions, group discussion, games, role plays, storytelling and presentations. They also spark their curiosity with creative prompts and get them excited about presenting their opinions. Our teachers strive hard to foster critical thinking, scientific inquiry, creativity, and presentation skills that enable students to be future-ready and lead fuller lives.

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Learning 360

Teaching and learning are set to transform at a rapid pace and our mission at Joie is to accelerate these transformations. Our program aims to provide students with a holistic learning experience through experiential learning. With our full-length course material that is aligned to CBSE, the lessons would inculcate a 360-degree development of all the academic topics by fostering their real-life application. This builds problem-solving confidence and higher-order thinking skills in children.

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Are We Educating or Mere Schooling?

There is a distinct difference between teaching subjects and educating children. What is it that differentiates one from another?As an educator, I get constant opportunities to work and talk with different stakeholders that are involved in the education system- management, teachers, parents, and students. Ironically, the common element that binds them together is their dissatisfaction with one ano

Why should writing be made compulsory in classrooms?

Education is not about giving ready-made answers, but about fostering an active intelligence in the students so that they can read, reflect, and write on their own.Today the world is largely technologically driven and education is not left behind. However, a flip side to this is that kids aren’t given many opportunities to think about a topic, practice and improve their ability to write. In

Nurturing a New Age Education Ecosystem

The industry is poised for profound change. It’s high time to nurture an education ecosystem that can take us into the next hundred years.It’s that time of the year again! Time to analyze the year gone by and set the goals for the years to come!As I sit back and ponder over the learning and teaching that I have witnessed in the past year, it dawns on me that education is one of the industries

4 Essential Tips to Improve English in Rural India

Over the last decade, India has witnessed drastic pedagogical innovations. However, with different experiences, it has dawned on me that these pedagogical innovations that have taken the whole education world by storm are just fit to improve the quality of urbane learners. What about Rural and Semi-urban India?It’s saddening to see that rural and semi-urban India and their education yet remain

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